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Uniform Manager: Need help in the fall/spring to get all uniforms printed with names and number to each team in league. This has been simplified,  required is about approximately 10 hours of volunteer time. Free fall and spring registration!  Please contact Chad Runge at if your interested.

League wide mechanical supervisor: Need help coordinating all tractor maintenance at all fields. Needs to look for the best quote and submit all quotes to the board. If anything that breaks down during the season, you will need to find the best resolution to fix the equipment in the most fashionable manner. Any pitching machines/generators that need serviced or fixed, then the league relies on you. Any extension cords that need to be replaced for the safety of our young athletes.

Merchandiser: Needed is someone that can take emails regarding orders off the store front and turn them around making sure the purchaser receives the merchandise in a timely manner. This could be as easy as making sure the merchandise gets to a particular concessions stand for pick up or ship the package where needed.